About Us

TBD Travel Services is a travel agency that focuses primarily on team travel and dabbles in leisure travel. Our team is comprised of talented individuals that use their passion for sports and backgrounds as coaches, team parents, hotel sales and management and travel agency experience to serve our clients.


We understand the importance of a team friendly hotel at TBD Travel Services. We know that free wi-fi, free breakfast, a pool and large rooms with two beds and/or a pullout is ideal for traveling teams. We have strong relationships with our partners so we are able to give you the best rate every time. The experts at TBD Travel Services understand that each team is different and we know the right questions to ask to make sure we reserve the best block of rooms possible for your team.


Booking with TBD gives you the best rate every time and doesn't cost you a dime. TBD Travel Services has made reserving and booking hotel rooms for tournaments incredibly easy. Just call us to request a hotel for a tournament. We will gather the information necessary to arrange a block of rooms that fits your specifications. We will find the hotel that fits your needs. Then we send you the link to your team's specific booking page to book your rooms for the event. All that is left is to do, is go to the tournament and win!


How TBD Travel Services Came to be

Our owner, Tina Stockwell, began her journey in the travel industry as an independent agent of Go and See Travel, where she learned the ins and outs of leisure travel. Realizing there was a need for a team travel agency, she helped create Go and See Team Travel, Inc as a partner. Go and See Team Travel, Inc. worked with teams and directors across the country traveling and planning for tournaments.

Tina learned what is important to traveling teams and tournament directors when booking accommodations for tournaments and events through her 10+ years of experience in hotel sales and management as well as having kids of her own on traveling teams. This expertise gave Tina the knowledge necessary to help develop Go and See Team Travel, Inc. into a leading team travel agency.

After the incredible growth of Go and See Team Travel, Tina decided to go out on her own. Her new team travel agency’s name, TBD Travel Services, encompasses both of the travel services she offers, team travel and leisure travel.

The professional staff at TBD Travel Services is very experienced within the travel and lodging agency industry. Under Tina’s direction they are ready to serve your team travel and leisure travel needs at no cost to you.

TBD Travel Services is excited to continue serving the needs of teams and individuals throughout the country by arranging the best hotels for teams and vacations for individuals, couples and families.